Expertise & Services

Honsen’s approach to design is expressed through a range of services. In response to our Clients requests, we provide a seamless integration of Architecture and design services while expanding our future collective design accomplishments worldwide. We continue to push boundaries of design whilst maintaining a legacy of luxury, and each of our design studios offer a specialised customised design as well as procurement and consultation services.


Spaces speak louder than words

  • Architecture
  • MEP design
  • Interior design
  • Lighting design
  • Landscape design
  • Graphics design

Translating design intent into reality

  • Exterior materials
  • MEP Equipment
  • Interior materials
  • FF&E

Finishing what we started

  • MEP contractor
  • Exterior contractor
  • Interior contractor
  • Supervision
We are strategically- positioned for the new era of architecture design, development and brand interaction. We understand how Architecture influences the way people interactive and defines the landscape of a location. We focus on architectural space design, scene creation and product planning with a combination of VR technology, aerial drone photography and other advanced technologies to help our partners maximise project value. We have a developed in-depth cooperation with local developers to create innovative solutions that proudly celebrate, respect and embody the unique heritage of each community and offer valuable, sustainable and enriching visions for the future.
Interior design
Around the world, we consistently set new standards in luxury, comfort and innovation in interior design. We design bespoke projects for the most exquisite individuals and create designs that exude personality, heart and soul. Adding value, depth and permanence to beauty, we draw inspiration from people, places and possession and develop design ideas In a comprehensive and seamless manner.
A successful lighting scheme should be seamless and complimentary to the interior and exterior layers. The visitors should be able to fully appreciate each and every space in its final glory. Our expert team work closely with the architects, interior designers and landscape architects to intelligently group the lights into layers that allow the spaces to suit the desired lighting level and ambience.
In essence of a dream project, we at Honsen understand the importance of MEP design. Our specialised engineers maintain that MEP design is the core necessity for further planning, decision making, accurate documentation, cost estimation, construction, operating and the resulting facilities. It specifically encompasses the in-depth design and selection of these systems.
Through brand strategy and brand creation, we combine the art of design and high-end production to a create memorable and cohesive experience. Our team utilizes a stuctured, open process to best meet the specific needs of each project. We show what is to be built, while the specfications focus on the installation techniques and quality standards.
We cater to all design philosophies and visions. At Honsen, our landscaping services delivers the promise of inclusive and bespoke destinations, from boutique to comprehensive, large scale developments with complete turn-key services. Our design process is a holistic combination of interior design, architecture, landscape, lighting and art, drawing upon the exploration and skills of our worldwide network of studios.
As your EPC partner, we work with an extensive network of experienced and trusted people to arrange the procurement and construction of your project. We act as your single point of contact throughout your projects entirety and manage the key suppliers to match your requirements.
Our job is to hand over completed (EPC-Turnkey) to the client. As an EPC service provider, we are able to complete construction projects within a given time and budget. As your partner, we will be responsible for all the engineering services, the procurement and production of all the necessary construction materials and parts, as well as construction and commissioning.